Horizontal Suckerfish menu module Problem!!!

Posted: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 - 02:51pm

Hi Rahul,

I saw your Web site http://www.rahulsingla.com/ and i would like to make similar Web menus with the same hierachy  Projects->.NET->Chess (exactly this hierachy and if i can learn more then better). I want to created it with suckerfish menu module (a very known menu module http://www.elxis-downloads.com/downloads/menus/3.html in Elxis CMS, an opensource, a greek version of Drupal).

I made some actions in the administration part, where i select the parent in order to create the child but nothing happens, the child is being hidden. I post some images to see them http://tinypic.com/4dulmmia and have a general look but the child Chess in your case can not be created. So i decided to write CSS code (the horizontal version). I made some modifications but nothing the child can not be created (chess or it's displayed some part of it inside parent with margin css statement -1em 0px 0px 100px). I can send you the css file in txt in order to attach and have a look and i have also highlighted with comment where i insert my code. Can you tell what i have to do to make this like yours?

I expect your further help in the future. Elxis CMS is a greek opensource CMS which is based on Joomla, Mambo and Drupal but the logic is the same. It has its own forum and some administrators are not helpful (they give me on my nerves, but as i am greek i made the decision to join some months ago). Maybe when i finish this project to join Drupal force.

kind regards


css_horizontal.txt3.28 KB

updated Suckerfish menu

  • Mon, Feb 03, 2014 - 07:54pm

I made some minor changes but i have some  problems. The grandchildren are displayed but when you press the top top menu (not the father but the grandfather). This will cause some problems as i intend to put 3 distinct fathers and every father will have 5-6 children. So when i will open the grandfather boom (every father and grandchild will be opened and i can not see what to do).Additionally i can not see any arrows next to fathers.

For example  Grandfather


                     father 2

                     father3  children (5)

                     father4  children (4)

                     father5 children (3)

Could you help me as your web site? I am near to a solution?? I attach my updated files with a new image to understand my new problems.


updated_css.txt 3.58 KB
menu.JPG 141.74 KB